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Case Study: COPLINK
Institution: University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab
Govt' Partner: Tucson Police Department
Funded Since: 7/2/00
DG Amount to Date: $2,352,000
Other funding: $941,887 (Tucscon P.D. and Nat'l Institute of Justice); $253,451 (Compaq)
Abstract: See Project Profile
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tucscon p.d. logo Tucson and Phoenix police detectives need more sophisticated methods of gathering, analyzing and cross- referencing thousands of clues and leads in hundreds of criminal cases each year. Searches through several, incompatible databases are time-consuming and unsatisfactory.
dg.o/u of a logos Begun with funding from the Institute of Justice, a nascent partnership between the Tucson Police Department and researchers at the University of Arizona has expanded under several rounds of Digital Government funding.
coplink researcher Using artificial intelligence techniques, researchers and police explore ways of cross-referencing mugshot files, vehicle identifications and crime locations. They develop tools that ferret out hidden links between people, organizations, locations, vehicles and weapons, enabling information-sharing with neighboring jurisdictions.
coplink logo The resulting COPLINK toolset is put into full-time use, expanding to serve more than 70% of Arizona police agencies. A private corporation is launched to distribute COPLINK to police agencies from Texas to Boston.