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Case Study: WebDG
Institutions: Virginia Tech, Purdue University
Govt' Partner: IndianaÕs Family and Social Services Administration
Funded Since: 6/1/00
DG Amount to date: $499,998
Abstract: See Project Profile
dgOnline Article: "Streamlining Social Services: Mapping the Maze with Metadata"
Home Page: WebDG
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indiana social services logo Indiana social services have numerous computer systems serving the same clients. Identical data on multiply-served clients exists in non-interchangeable formats, costing caseworkers time and agencies money. Clients must visit several agencies, defeating program goals of making them more independent.
partner logos Digital Government partners IndianaÕs Family and Social Services Administration with computer researchers at Virginia Tech and the Purdue Research Foundation, under a 3-year, $500,000 grant. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services give their support.
web dg researcher Scientists and state IT engineers collaborate to organize multiple dissimilar databases under a uniform interface. This lets agencies retain autonomy and control over their data while choosing how to give other agencies and the public remote access without compromising client privacy. They write a special markup language enabling caseworkers to tailor social-service packages to each clientÕs needs.
results image Research is continuing. When it is fully developed, the system will significantly reduce the time caseworkers waste navigating incompatible database systems and allow clients to handle multiple social-service needs at a single location.