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Collaboration is the core of the Digital Government research discipline. Digital Government researchers come from a broad variety of fields that encompass myriad subdisciplines of computer science and the study of public policy.

The research program's unique strength lies in its ability to focus multiple technologies and ranges of expertise on complex e-government and IT policy issues simultaneously. Use the tools at right to make contact with researchers:

P.I. "nuggets" template:
Annual NSF program performance goals are determined by assessing past performance and by making reasonable projections for future levels of performance. So that the NSF/DG program may document the outcomes and impacts of our awards, we are asking that all active P.I.'s email us 2-3 paragraphs about your project about one or more of the outcome goals described below and include an embedded graphic.
" Download the template (.doc, 44k)
" complete it per the embedded instructions and
" to Larry Brandt and Eva Kingsbury.

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Communication is vital to collaboration.

Use these forums to share information, debate issues and ask questions of the numerous experts in the Digital Government program. If you're looking for help, this is a good place to start:

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Learn more about the member organizations of the Digital Government Consortium, and find new partners for research and collaboration in the Digital Government program. Click here.