How Much Would You Spend On Headphones?

Nowadays, most of the people are using the headphones. Based on the demand of the headphone, the cost will be increased, but the high-rated headphones come with high-quality. Most of you are not aware of the price range of the headphones. There are a vast amount of headphones are available in the market and based on the quality, the price will become vary.

Headphones are used to hear sounds, and also it comes with many features. You can connect your headphones to your TV, CD players or any other devices. Even, the headphones present in the market comes with many improvements including wired and then wireless features. You can use whatever you want. Alright! Let’s see how much would you spend on headphones.

Best rate of the headphones:

Most of you think that expensive headphones will be good in quality and offers quality sound, but it is not true. There are so many products delivers the high quality of audio, and then the prices of these headphones are also inexpensive.

Are you feeling tough to identify the best priced headphones? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place.

Best headphones with low price:

Here we will discuss the best two headphones that offer good quality sound. They are as following under,

  1. Sound one headphone:

This is the top first headphone in the market. It comes with the cheapest rate and also offers good quality of sound. This headphone is wireless. You can charge your battery quickly within an hour, and then the battery life stays up to 25-30 hours. This headphone contains four common buttons, so you can attend your phone call with hands free.

This headphone is specially designed to use 4.0 Bluetooth technologies so you can access your TV, smart phones, tablets and then personal computers with the help of Bluetooth. The model number of this head phone is BT-06.

  1. JBL wired headphones:

This headphone comes with attractive shape and design. The model number of this headphone is C300SI. It comes with black color and then this headphone is wired. This is one of the disadvantages of this headphone but when compared to the cost of this headphone is it is inexpensive. The frequency range of this headphone is 40 KHz, and it comes with light weight so you can feel free while you hear the music and also it supports the transportation. You can easily carry this headphone wherever you want. The manufacturers are designed the connector using the 3.5mm gold plating, so it delivers the high quality of sound.


The above two headphones come with the high quality of audio, and then cost is also good, so doesn’t waste your money with a bad deal in the market. Before you going to purchase the headphones, please analyze the price range, sound quality of headphones. If it is wireless headphones, you should concentrate on transmission range and then battery life. Try these headphones and then enjoy your life with high quality of music.