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The NSF's Digital Government program partners leading-edge computer scientists with forward-thinking government agencies to develop new information technologies that will improve the way government serves the American people.

Here's how dg.o benefits you:


dg.o research projects are streamlining the way information is used, generated and distributed by government agencies all over the U.S. As the Information Age advances, dg.o will be transforming government through digital innovation, making it more responsive to the citizens who rely on it.
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dg.o helps government agencies leverage applied research to support their daily mission of solving real-world problems with information technology. It offers an open market of expertise, brokering projects in numerous computer-science disciplines to fit specific government information needs.
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dg.o finds research opportunities, generates funding and develops partnerships with government and industry for information technology researchers. It offers an open forum for sharing information and both online and in-person environments for building new collaborative relationships.
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