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" NATO/Russia Joint Research Grants posted
" Harvard researchers explore gov't. stovepipe culture
" Monitoring the ecosystem in 3-D
" "Spherical video" system offers 720-degree views
" UWash researchers are building the real "Simcity"
" Negroponte to deliver dgo2003 keynote address
" DGRC works to bridge the data gap
" JASIST issues call for intelligence & security papers
" Dates announced for dg.o2003 in Boston
" Streamlined social services: the quest for seamless database integration
" Culture clash: DG researchers probe e-gov partnerships
" NSF names CISE exec as CIO
" Stanford, EPA researchers experiment with computerizing legal advice
" e-Government working better than ever, 5-year DG research project finds
" NSF announces ITR proposal deadlines
" CISE announces DG deadline change
" NSF, intelligence to cooperate on "data mining" research
" Project Battuta wires the field
" Can IT unite Los Angeles?
" Visualizing American life: The Quality Graphics project
" CTG mines Web for top e-gov reports
" NSF releases 3-decade report on support for academic R&D
" Nat. Acads put preparedness forum proceedings online
" CNET: Computer Security Increasingly Vital to Homeland Defense
" 2002 MIT/Accenture Digital Govt. awards announced
" RAND releases 9/11 report on first-responders
" Nat Acads: U.S. must harness technology to fight terrorism
" National Academies launch privacy study
" NISS announces new Web services for remote apps use
" e-Rulemaking Workshop at NDU - Presentations now available
" Nat Acads launch bioterrorism portal
" CISE releases DAS program announcement
" CISE moves DG proposal submission deadline to Oct. 9
" Pew report: "How people use government agencies Web sites"
" CSTB Report on Digital Government Released
" NIMA announces Phase II of GI2Vis advanced R&D program

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