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BDEI - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Informatics webcal://
A calendar of BDEI-related events.
E-Government webcal://
E-government-related events for the Digital Government community.
GIS - Geographic Information Systems webcal://
A calendar of GIS events.
General and DG Program Events webcal://
A calendar for digital government programs and events
IT Infrastructure webcal://
Events pertaining to distributed computing, infrastructure and other programming-related matters.
Multimedia Technology webcal://
Calendar of events on imaging, streaming media and other multimedia research.
Privacy and Security webcal://
Calendar of events on data privacy, secure intranets, programming, distributed computing, I2 and other IT infrastructure subjects.
Social Sciences and Governance webcal://
Events of interest to the social science community
dg.o master calendar webcal://
Master calendar of all the events

Resource Types



Conference Room webcal://

Item Types

Conference webcal://
Deadline webcal://
Holiday webcal://
Lecture webcal://
Meeting webcal://
Seminar webcal://


Use this screen to export events in iCal format. iCal is a text file format designed for publishing calendar information. For information about the iCal format, refer to RFC-2445 Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar). Many programs allow you to subscribe to remote calendars and have them appear transparently with the rest of your schedule.

There are many calendar applications that support the iCal format. We have explicitly tested Mozilla Calendar, Windates, EventSherpa, and KOrganizer.

If you have installed software that acts as a handler for the webcal protocol, you should be able to just click on the webcal link. This should open your calendar software and create a remote calendar link.

If you don't have a webcal protocol handler installed (it does nothing when you click on the link), copy the http:// link onto the clipboard and paste it into your calendar software.

If you don't want items from included calendars to be displayed, append ?rollup=0 to the URL.


iCal is a very complex specification, and most software doesn't get it right. We are aware of some of the following issues:

EventSherpa (2.0a Build 1360) Handling of First Weekday, Last Day, and Last Weekday appears to be broken.
Evolution (1.5.9) Recurrence is pretty much broken and doesn't work at all.
Apple iCal 1.5.5
  • First Weekday doesn't work.
  • Last Weekday doesn't work.
  • If time zone support is enabled, the detailed event display shows one time events relative to GMT.
KOrganizer (3.3) It appears libICal is broken and doesn't properly handle BYSETPOS, so Last Weekday is broken. This issue has been reported to the maintainer of KOrganizer. A separate report had already been made to the maintainer of libICal.

Exception date values are not handled correctly for recurring items if there is a time component.

As a general note, KOrganizer converts times for recurring events into GMT and stores them. This can cause problems with recurring event calculation.
Microsoft Outlook (2000-2003) Outlook doesn't support multiple VEVENT entries in one file. Most forms of recurrence do not process correctly.
Mozilla Calendar (1.7) Doesn't support multiple ordinals (i.e. 1st and 3rd Thursday). 1st Weekday doesn't work. Last Weekday doesn't work. The multi-week view format for printing prints URLs which can cause page formatting issues.
PHPiCalendar 1.1 First Weekday, Last Weekday, and Last Day are broken