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Other presentations:

(Alphabetical by title)



Agency Interoperation for Effective Data Mining in Border Control and Homeland Security Applications [poster - project highlight]
Adam, Nabil; Atluri, Vijaylakshmi; Koslowski, Rey; Janeja, Vandana; Warner, Janice; Paliwal, Aabhas
Rutgers University
pages 285-286

Aligning Database Columns Using Mutual Information [research paper]
Pantel, Patrick; Philpot, Andrew; Hovy, Eduard
USC Information Sciences Institute
pages 205-210

Argos: Dynamic Composition of Web Services for Goods Movement Analysis and Planning [system demo]
Ambite, José Luis1; Giuliano, Genevieve1; Gordon, Peter1; Pan, Qisheng2; Abbasi, Naqeeb1; Wang, LanLan1; Weathers, Matthew1
1University of Southern California; 2Texas Southern University
pages 275-276

Automated Dental Identification [project highlight]
Ammar, Hany1; Howell, Robert1; Abdel-mottaleb, Mohamed1; Jain, Anil K.1
1West Virginia University; 2University of Miami; 3Michigan State University
pages 165-166

Automated Dental Identification [system demo]
Ammar, Hany1; Jain, Anil K.2; Abdel-mottaleb, Mohamed3
1West Virginia University; 2Michigan State University; 3University of Miami
pages 273-274

Automatic Composition of Aggregation Workflows for Transportation Modeling:
Ambite, José Luis; Weathers, Matthew
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
pages 41-49

BDEI-3: Eco-informatics and Decision Making [project highlight]
Cushing, Judith Bayard 1; Wilson, Tyrone 2
1The Evergreen State College; 2U.S. Geological Survey
pages 211-212

BioPortal: An Integrated Infectious Disease Information Sharing and Analysis Environment [system demo]
Zeng, Daniel1; Chen, Hsinchun1; Tseng, Chunju1; Larson, Catherine1; Eidson, Millicent2; Gotham, Ivan2; Lynch, Cecil3; Asher, Michael4
1University of Arizona; 2New York State Dep't. of Health; 3California Dep't. of Health Services; 4Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pages 235-236

BorderSafe: Cross-Jurisdictional Information Sharing, Analysis, and Visualization [poster]
Chen, Hsinchun1; Atabakhsh, Homa1; Kaza, Siddharth1; Marshall, Byron1; Xu, Jennifer1; Wang, G Alan1; Petersen, Tim2; Violette Chuck2
1University of Arizona; 2Tucson Police Dep't.
pages 241-242

Building New Curricula for Digital Government Studies [Birds of a Feather abstract]
Shulman, Stuart
University of Pittsburgh
page 346

Building Sustainable Community Information Systems: Lessons from a Digital Government Project [research paper]
Harrison, Teresa M.1; Zappen, James2
1SUNY University at Albany; 2Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pages 145-150

Capital Wireless Integration Network (CapWIN): Building a Bridge in Transportation and Public Safety Communications [invited demonstration]
Ake, George S., Jr.
University of Maryland
pages 4-6

Centralized or Decentralized Organization? [poster]
Janssen, Marijn
Delft University of Technology
pages 247-248

SGER: Computer-Assisted Interpretation of Citizen Input in Rebuilding Lower Manhattan [project highlight]
Kutz, Daniel O.1; Mostafa, Javed1; Girard, Monique2; Stark, David2
1Indiana University; 2Columbia University
pages 151-152

Communication Technology and Urban Governance Reform [project highlight]
Weare, Christopher; Musso, Juliet A.
University of Southern California
pages 137-138

Community E-government Coordination Work Platform [poster]
Jiang, Luquan; Zhang, Pengzhu; Wang, Huanchen
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
pages 249-250

Connecting to Congress Project Highlights [project highlight]
Lazer, David1; Esterling, Kevin2; Neblo, Michael3; Fountain, Jane1; Mergel, Ines1; Ziniel, Curt2
1Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; 2University of California, Riverside; 3Ohio State University
pages 97-98

Constructing Online deliberations among citizens, issue publics, and elites: The Healthcare Dialogue Project [project highlight]
Price, Vincent; Cappella, Joseph N.
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
pages 139-140

Coplink Center: Social Network Analysis and Identity Deception Detection for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Intelligence and Security Informatics: A Crime Data Mining Approach to Developing Border Safe Research [project highlight]
Chen, Hsinchun; Atabakhsh, Homa; Xu, Jennifer Jie; Wang, Gang; Marshall, Byron; Kaza, Siddharth; Tseng, Lu; Eggers, Shauna; Gowda Hemanth; Petersen, Tim1; Violette, Chuck1
University of Arizona; 1Tucson Police Department
pages 112-113

CRM in the Public Sector - Towards a conceptual research framework [research paper]
Schellong, Alexander
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
pages 326-332

Cyberinfrastructure for Public Health [Birds of a Feather abstract]
Contractor, Noshir1; Leischow, Scott2
1University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 1Department of Health and Human Services
page 341

Cyberinfrastructure for Public Health [panel]
Contractor, Noshir1; Leischow, Scott2
1University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2Dept. of Health and Human Services
pages 13-14



Data Confidentiality, Data Quality and Data Integration for Federal Databases [project highlight]
Karr, Alan F.
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
pages 217-218

Designing A Better Web Portal for Digital Government: A Web-mining Based Approach [system demo]
Fang, Xiao1; Sheng, Olivia2
1University of Toledo; 2University of Utah
pages 277-278

Digital Dreams: The Future of e-Government
Eisner, Neil
U.S. Department of Transportation
page 3

Digital Governance for Animal Health and Biosecurity Applications [poster - project highlight]
Wagner, Gale; Vedlitz, Arnie; Waghela, Surya
Texas A&M University
pages 311-312

Digital Government, the Challenges of Integration and Interoperability [Birds of a Feather abstract]
Scholl, Hans Jochen
University of Washington
page 345

Digital Government Community Building and Outreach [project highlight - poster]
Reed, Mack; Arens, Yigal
USC Information Sciences Institute
pages 263-264

Digital Government Research in the Academy [panel]
Delcambre, Lois1; Giuliano, Genevieve2; Chronister, Lynne3; Fountain, Jane4; Klavans, Judith5
1Portland State University; 2University of Southern California; 3University of California, Davis; 4; 5University of Maryland
pages 16-17
Digitalization of Coastal Management and Decision Making Supported by Multi-Dimensional Geospatial Information and Analysis [project highlight]
Li, Ron 1; Bedford, Keith 1; Shum, C.K 1; Niu, Xutong 1; Zhou, Feng 1; Velissariou, Vasilia 1; Ramirez, J. Raul 1; and Zhang, Aidong 2
Ohio State University
pages 219-220

DM-AMS Employing Data Mining Techniques for Alert Management [research paper]
Janeja,Vandana;Atluri,Vijayalakshmi; Gomaa,Ahmed; Adam,Nabil; Bornhoevd,Christof; Lin,Tao
Rutgers University
pages 103-111

Early Lessons from the Application of Process Technology to Online Grievance Mediation [project highlight]
Katsh, Ethan; Osterweil, Leon J.; Sondheimer, Norman K.; Rainey, Daniel
1University of Massachusetts Amherst; 2National Mediation Board
pages 99-101

An Efficient Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for P2P Settings [research paper]
Tanin, Egemen; Nayar, Deepa; Samet, Hanan
pages 21-28

Data Assignment in Fault Tolerant Uploads for Digital Government Applications: A Genetic Algorithms Approach:
Yang, Yan; Cheung, Leslie; Golubchik, Leana
University of Southern California
pages 29-38

E-electoral Administration: Organizational Lessons Learned from the Deployment of E-voting in the UK [research paper]
Xenakis, Alexandros; Macintosh, Ann
Napier University
pages 191-197

Electronic Communication in a Geographically Dispersed Community of Forensic Scientists [poster]
Mergel, Ines1; Lazer, David1; Binz-Scharf, Maria Christina2
1Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; 2The City College of New York
pages 299-300

Email Mining Toolkit Power Point Presentation [project highlight]
Stolfo, Salvatore J.; Hershkop, Shlomo
Columbia University
pages 221-222

Emergency Medicine, Disease Surveillance, and Informatics [project highlight]
Govindaraju, Venu
SUNY University at Buffalo
pages 167-168

Employing the Mobility Paradigm: the Next Big Leap in Digital Government? [poster]
Scholl, Hans
University of Washington
pages 237-238

Enabling GeoCollaborative Crisis Management Through Advanced GeoInformation Technologies [system demo]
Cai, Guoray; MacEachren, Alan M.; Sharma, Rajeev; Brewer, Isaac; Fuhrmann, Sven; McNeese, Mike
Pennsylvania State University
Pates 227-228

Evaluation of the GovStat Statistical Interactive Glossary: Implications for Just-in-Time Help [poster]
Haas, Stephanie; Brown, Ron; Cao, Leo; Wilbur, Jesse
School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pages 291-292

Evaluation and Evolution of a Browser and Search Interface: Relation Browser [research paper]
Zhang, Junliang; Marchionini, Gary
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pages 179-188

Exploring the Spatio-temporal Variation of Seagrass Ecosystems in Southern Tampa Bay [poster]
Li, Ron; Niu, Xutong
Ohio State University
pages 257-258 Exploring the Success Factors of State Website Functionality: An Empirical Investigation [research paper]
Gil-García, Ramón
Center for Technology in Government, SUNY University at Albany
pages 121-130

A Framework for Analyzing Cross-Boundary e-Government Projects: The CapWIN Example [poster]
Williams, Christine; Fedorowicz, Jane
Bentley College
pages 313-314



Geocollaborative Crisis Management [project highlight]
MacEachren, Alan; Fuhrmann, Sven; McNeese, Michael; Cai, Guoray; Sharma, Rajeev
Pennsylvania State University
pages 114-115

GeoInformatic Hotspot Systems (GHS) for Detection, Prioritization, and Early Warning [project highlight]
Patil, G.P.
Pennsylvania State University
pages 116-117

Geoinformatic Surveillance of Hotspot Detection, Prioritization and Early Warning [poster - project highlight]
Patil, G. P.1; Rathbun, S. L.1; Acharya, R.1; Patankar, P.1; Modarres, Reza2
1Pennsylvania State University; 2George Washington University
pages 301-302

Give the People What They Want: Research Notes From the Hunt for Better Electronic Rulemaking [poster - research paper]
Shulman, Stuart1; Shelley, Mack C.2
1University of Pittsburgh; 2Iowa State University
pages 300-310

Governance Characteristics of Information Technology [research paper]
Shah, Rajiv C.; Kesan, Jay P.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pages 91-96

Governing with Information Technologies [project highlight - poster]
Shah, Rajiv; Kesan, Jay
University of Illinois
pages 265-266

The Hare and the Tortoise: Network structure in collaborative problem solving [research paper - poster]
Lazer, David; Friedman, Allan
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
pages 253-254

Harvesting Information to Sustain our Forests [project highlight]
Delcambre, Lois 1; Nielsen, Marianne Lykke 2; Tolle, Timothy 3; Weaver, Mathew 4; Maier, David 1; Price, Susan 1
1Portland State University; 2Royal School of Library & Information Science, Denmark; 3 consultant; 4OGI School of Science & Engineering
pages 213-214

Hotspot Detection for Chestnut Oak Regeneration [poster]
Fei, Songlin
Pennsylvania State University
pages 243-244

Human-Computer Interaction Themes in Digital Government: Web Site Comprehension and Statistics Visualization [invited talk]
Shneiderman, Ben University of Maryland at College Park
pages 7-8

Improving the Quality of Public Services---Case Study of Shanghai Social Security and Citizen Services System [poster]
Zhang, Peng-zhu;Xu, Fang-fang;Jiang, Lu- quan
Shanghai Jiaotong University
pages 315-316

Integrated Criminal Justice Systems: Designing Effective Systems for Inter-organizational Action [poster]
Sawyer, Steve; Tyworth, Michael
Pennsylvania State University
pages 307-308

Integration of Multidimensional Geospatial Information for Coastal Management and Decision-making [system demo]
Li, Ron1; Bedford, Keith1; Shum, C.K.1; Niu, Xutong1; Zhou, Feng1; Velissariou, Vasilia1; Ramirez, J. Raul1; and Zhang, Aidong2
1Ohio State University; 2University at Buffalo, SUNY
pages 232-232

ITR/IM+SII A Distributed Information Management Framework (REGNET) for Environmental Laws and Regulations [poster - project highlight]
Law, Kincho
Stanford University
pages 295-296

Language Processing Technologies for Electronic Rulemaking: A Project Highlight
Shulman, Stuart1; Callan, Jamie2; Hovy, Eduard3; Zavestoski, Stephen4
1University of Pittsburgh; 2Carnegie Mellon University; 3University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute; 4University of San Francisco
pages 87-88

Long-Term Management and Preservation of Digital Information [Birds of a Feather abstract]
LeFurgy, William
Library of Congress
page 342

Modeling Online Participation in Local Government [project highlight]
Kavanaugh, Andrea; Isenhour, Philip; Perez-Quinones, Manuel; Dunlap, Daniel
Virginia Tech
pages 63-64

Modeling the Social and Technical Processes of Interorganizational Information Integration [poster - project highlight]
Dawes, Sharon; Cresswell, Anthony; Pardo, Theresa; Thompson, Fiona
Center For Technology in Government, University at Albany, SUNY
pages 289-290

Motivations for Implementing E-Government: An Investigation of the Global Phenomenon [research paper]
Stotzfus, Kimberly
University of California Santa Barbara
pages 333-338

Multidisciplinary E-Government Research and Education as a Catalyst for Effective IT Transfer to Regional Governments [project highlight]
Vélez-Rivera, Bienvenido; Fernández-Sein, Rafael; Rodríguez-Martínez, Manuel; Rivera-Vega, Pedro I.; Díaz, Walter; Núñez-Molina, Mario
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguëz
pages 133-134

Multiple Methods and Multiple Paradigms for Digital Government Research: Understanding the Promises and Challenges [Birds of a Feather abstract]
Theresa Pardo and Ramón Gil-García
Center for Technology in Government, SUNY University at Albany
page 343



The National Center for Digital Government Integrating Information and Institutions [project highlight - poster]
Fountain, Jane; Lazer, David
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
pages 245-246

A National Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease Informatics: Project Summary [project highlight]
Zeng, Daniel1; Chen, Hsinchun1; Tseng, Chunju1; Larson, Catherine1; Eidson, Millicent2; Gotham, Ivan2; Lynch, Cecil3; Hu, Paul4
1University of Arizona; 2New York State Dep't. of Health; 3California Dep't. of Health Services; 4University of Utah
pages 141-142

The National Infrastructure for Community Statistics [Birds of a Feather abstract]
Reamer, Andrew1; DeBerry, Marshall2
1The Brookings Institution; 2FedStats
page 344

National & Municipal Government Websites: A Comparison Between the United States and China [poster]
Zhou, Quan
University of Washington
pages 317-318

Near-Duplicate Detection for e-rulemaking [research paper]
Yang, Hui; Callan, Jamie
Carnegie Mellon University
pages 78-86

A Pilot Project in PAs to transit to an Open Source Solution [poster - research paper]
Russo, Barbara; Sillitti, Alberto; Zuliani, Paolo; Succi, Giancarlo; Gasperi, Paolo
Free University of Bolzano-Bozen
pages 303-304

Policy Made Public: New Technologies of Deliberation and Reperesentation in Rebuilding Lower Manahattan [project highlight]
Polletta, Francesca
Columbia University and Russell Sage Foundation
page 153

Preserving Information Long-Term: Digital Archiving [panel]
1LeFurgy, William; Pardo, Theresa2; Hedstrom, Margaret3; Walters, Tyler O.4
1U.S. Library of Congress; 2 Center for Technology in Government, SUNY University at Albany; 3University of Michigan; 4Georgia Institute of Technology
page 15

A Project to Assess Voting Technology and Ballot Design [project highlight]
Herrnson, Paul1; Niemi, Richard2; Bederson, Benjamin1; Conrad, Frederick3; Traugott, Michael3
1University of Maryland at College Park; 2University of Rochester; 3University of Michigan
pages 200-201

Public Participation in Transportation Decision Making [project highlight]
Nyerges, Timothy1; Brooks, Terry1; Jankowski, Piotr2; Rutherford, G. Scott1; Young, Rhonda3
1University of Washington; 2San Diego State University; 3University of Wyoming
pages 65-66

Quality Graphics for Federal Statistical Summaries: results [project highlight]
MacEachren, Alan M. 1; Carr, Daniel 2; Scott, David 3
1Pennsylvania State University; 2George Mason University; 3Rice University
pages 175-176

A Real Option Analysis Approach to Evaluate Digital Government Investment [research paper]
Chen, Leon1; Sheng, Olivia1; Goreham, Dennis2; Watanabe, Jeannie3
1University of Utah; 2Utah State Automated Geographic Reference Center; 3Utah State Chief Information Officer's Office
pages 157-168

A Relatedness Analysis Approach for Regulation Comparison and E-Rulemaking Applications [e-rulemaking]
Lau, Gloria; Wang, Haoyi; Law, Kincho; Wiederhold, Gio
Stanford University
pages 69-77

Research In Progress: A Preliminary Theoretical Framework For Understanding E-governance Initiatives [poster]
Mundkur, Anu
Syracuse University
pages 259-260

Scalable Data Collection Infrastructure for Digital Government Applications [poster - project highlight]
Samet, Hanan1; Tanin, Egemen1; Golubchik, Leana2
1University of Maryland at College Park; 2USC Information Sciences Institute
pages 305-306

Searching for Geospatial Government-Produced Data [poster]
Wiegand, Nancy
University of Wisconsin
pages 269-270

Significance Information for Translation: Air Quality Data Integration [system demo]
Philpot, Andrew; Pantel, Patrick; Hovy, Eduard
USC Information Sciences Institute
pages 233-234

Spatiotemporal Analysis of 9-1-1 Call Stream Data [poster]
Hodgkiss, W.1; Baru, C1; Fountain, T1; Reich, D.2; Warner, K.2; Glasscock, M.3
1University of California San Diego; 2Public Safety Network; 3California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
pages 293-294

A Study of Smart Growth Initiatives using GIS: The case of Austin, Texas [poster]
Tu, Wei; Li, Lixin; Piltner, Reinhard
Georgia Southern University
pages 267-268

Style Conscious: How Members of Congress Learn New Ways to Communicate [poster]
Lazer, David1; Esterling, Kevin2; Neblo, Michael3
1Kennedy School of Government, Harvard university; 2University of California Riverside; 3Ohio State University
pages 297-298

Supporting Debates over Citizen Initiatives [system demo]
Kattamuri, Kishore1; Silaghi, Marius1; Kaner, Cem1; Stansifer, Ryan1; Zanker, Markus2
1Florida University of Technology; 2University Klagenfurt
pages 279-280



Technology Transfer of Inter-Agency Government Services and Their Transnational Feasibility Studies [system demo]
Adam, Nabil1; Atluri, Vijayalakshmi1; Chun, Soon Ae1;Fariselli, Patrizia2; Hopper, Julia Culver2; Bojic, Olana2; Stewart, Rick T.3; Fruscione, Jim3; Manocchio, Nick3
1Rutgers University; 2NOMISMA-NET; 3New Jersey Dept. of Treasury
pages 225-226

Topological Analysis of Criminal Activity Networks in Multiple Jurisdictions [poster]
Kaza, Siddharth; Xu, Jennifer; Marshall, Byron; Chen, Hsinchun
University of Arizona
pages 251-252
Toward a Statistical Knowledge Network--2004-05 [project highlight]
Marchionini, Gary 1; Haas, Stephanie 1; Shneiderman, Ben 2; Plaisant, Catherine 2; Hert, Carol 3
1University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2University of Maryland at College Park; 3University of Washington
pages 177-178

Towards Electronic Governance - A case study of ICT in Local Government [research paper]
Zwahr, Thomas; Rossel, Pierre; Finger, Matthias
Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne
pages 53-62

Towards a Privacy Measurement Criterion for Voting Systems [poster]
Coney, Lillian1; Hall, Joseph L.2; Vora, Poorvi L.3; Wagner, David2
1EPIC; 2University of California, Berkeley; 3George Washington University
pages 287-288

Transnational Digital Government Research: Project Highlights [project highlight]
Fortes, José A.B.
University of Florida
pages 171-172

Upper Level Set Scan Statistic System for Detecting Arbitrarily Shaped Hotspots for Digital Governance [system demo]
Patil, G. P.1; Rathbun, S. L.1; Acharya, R1; Patankar, P1; Modarres, Reza2
1Pennsylvania State University; 2George Washington University
pages 281-282

US-European Union Collaboration on Digital Government Research: Developing New Models [project highlight]
Cresswell, Anthony M.; Pardo, Theresa A.; Dawes, Sharon S.
Center for Technology in Government, SUNY University at Albany
pages 131-132

Using GIS Technology to Assess the Prudence of Municipal Growth through Annexation [poster]
O'Looney, John
Carl Vinson Institute of Government
pages 261-262

Vehicular Networks in Urban Transportation Systems [invited system demo]
Wu, Hao; Palekar, Mahesh; Fujimoto, Richard; Lee, Jaesup; Ko, Joonho; Guensler, Randall; Hunter, Michael
Georgia Tech
pages 9-10

Vertical Datum Conversion in the Lake Erie Coastal Area [research paper]
Zhou, Feng
Ohio State University
pages 321-325

Virtual Machines in Transnational Digital Government: a Case Study [poster]
Matsunaga, Andrea; Tsugawa, Mauricio; Fortes, José A.B.
University of Florida
pages 255-256

Visualization in Law Enforcement [system demo]
Chen, Hsinchun1; Atabakhsh, Homa1; Tseng, Chunju1; Marshall, Byron1; Kaza, Siddharth1; Eggers, Shauna1; Gowda, Hemanth1; Shah, Ankit1; Petersen, Tim2; Violette, Chuck2
1University of Arizona; 2Tucson Police Dep't.
pages 229-230

Voting, Vote Capture & Vote Counting Symposium [project highlight]
Camp, L Jean1; Bowman, Warigia2; Friedman, Allan2
1Informatics, Indiana University; 2Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
pages 198-199M