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by Jim Fawcette
Intel Bus Flaws Threaten Windows 2000
How fast Windows 2000 Data Center Edition can eat away at Sun Enterprise's market share is likely to be determined by factors that Microsoft cannot control, including what some say is the poor performance of Intel's Profusion chip set for 8-way servers. Meanwhile, Intel's new Itanium processor looks increasingly like no more than a massive beta.
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In the News
· Exchange 2000 Emerges
· New Name, Features for Intel's IA-64 Chip
· Informix to Support XML in All Its Products
· Vendors Step Up to Plate at Internet World
· Cisco and Sun Unite in Unified Communications Strategy
· Intelligent Devices Meet the Internet

DevX Highlights

Discuss Core VB with an Expert
Join the DevX discussion this week and ask Francesco Balena your toughest VB questions, from basics to black-belt. Francesco is a frequent speaker at the VBITS conferences, a contributing editor of VBPJ, editor-in-chief of Visual Basic Journal (VBPJ's Italian licensee), and cofounder of Software Design, which specializes in VB add-ons, training, and consulting. Plus: Buy Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 this week and Francesco Balena will autograph it for you! It's even 40% offsave $24! (Pub Price: $59.99 DevX Price: $35.99)

Take Control of the Compile Process
Visual Basic's compiler gives you speed and source-code protection, but at the cost of some control over your binaries. Take an in-depth look with VBPJ's John Chamberlain at how VB's compiler works and reassert control over your binaries.

Capturing Console Output
What in the Sam Hill is going on in that message queue? Java Pro's Tony LaPaso shows you how to tap into System.out and System.err console streams. He's also built a class that can read the output of any app, even non-Java ones.

Automate Workflow with Outlook Forms
Guy Hart-Davis shows you how to automate a workflow procedure by using Outlook forms, their events, and VBScript. From the latest issue of Exchange & Outlook magazine.

Get Your Free Premiere Issue of XML Magazine
XML Magazine is the new print and online magazine dedicated to helping IT-development professionals integrate XML into their application planning and choose the right tools to implement XML. For a free, no-obligation, no-strings-attached, no-bills-in-the-mail issue of XML Magazine, just click here. Join the thousands who have already signed up!

Creating a Skin Component
Our Delphi Pro, Brendan Delumpa, has written a 10-Minute Solution this month that explains how to fit a form's border around a bitmap. This solution is pretty slick.

Control Scriptlets with JavaScript
Our Web Pro, Charles C. Caison, says that many times it is possible to write procedures or objects that can easily be reused. One way to make your Web pages more reusable is by turning them into client-side scriptlets. Read his 10-Minute Solution to delve further into the details.

Convert a Text File to XML
Text files don't contain tags and without them any text-to-XML converter sees such files as undifferentiated blobs. Our XML Pro, Kurt Cagle, offers this 10-Minute Solution that harnesses the XML Document Object Model itself to create a few fairly generic functions for dealing with straight text.

Get the Microsoft Visual C++ E-Commerce Solutions Kit at VCDC Anaheim
Jump-start your e-commerce development with Visual C++ 6 at the Visual C++ Developers Conference (VCDC), Anaheim, November 1?3, 1999! All conference attendees will receive a free copy of the Microsoft Visual C++ E-Commerce Solutions Kit!

Learn from the "Big Boys" at CNET Live!
Get tips from Sony's Vice President of Technology, Mark Kortekaas, on how to keep a huge site alive, where clicks are measured in millions per hour, at CNET Live!, December 7?11, 1999, in New Orleans. Only three weeks left to save $200 on the Web building event of the year!

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Featured Software: Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for WIN9X/NT
FrontPage 2000 gives users everything they need to easily create and manage great Web sites.
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Copyright 1999, Fawcette Technical Publications
Vol. 4 No. 41
October 13, 1999

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In the News
Discuss Core VB with an Expert
Take Control of the Compile Process
Capturing Console Output
Automate Workflow with Outlook Forms
Get Your Free Premiere Issue of XML Magazine
Creating a Skin Component
Control Scriptlets with JavaScript
Convert a Text File to XML
Get the Microsoft Visual C++ E-Commerce Solutions Kit at VCDC Anaheim
Learn from the "Big Boys" at CNET Live!
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Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
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