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Mission Statement

Government at all levels is a major collector and provider of data and user of information technologies.

The Digital Government Program funds research at the intersection of computer information sciences and government information services, with the goal of bringing advanced information technology to the government information community.

These Government/academic collaborations should contribute to government strategic planning for information services while providing interesting and unique new research problems and data sets for the academic research community.

dg.o promotes National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored emergent information technologies research by creating partnerships between academic researchers, government agencies, and the private sector.

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Chief Contacts

Valerie J. Gregg
Program Manager, Digital Government Consortium
Experimental and Integrated Activities Division
Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate
National Science Foundation

Lawrence E. Brandt
Program Manager, Digital Government
Experimental and Integrated Activities Division
Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate
National Science Foundation

How to join dg.o

Digital Government Consortium

Government agencies affiliated with dg.o, are known as the "Digital Government Consortium." Member agencies often partner with NSF research performers and the private sector to leverage information technology research and identify financial resources to help build the Digital Government of the 21st Century.

See the chief

partners in dg.o.

dg.o is a resource that academic, private sector and government agencies can use to find partners for information technology research projects.

dg.o facilitates collaborative research proposal preparation by the academic community and government and private sector partners. Principal investigators at academic institutions may submit proposals to the NSF's Digital Government Research Program, other NSF research programs, including those within the Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) Directorate, and other government research programs.

dg.o activities include the following:
  • Maintains and manages the dg.o website.
  • Hosts forums in which researchers and government agencies can meet and start a process for understanding each other's cultures, expertise, challenges.
  • Monitors technology being developed by researchers, with an eye toward applying those technologies in the government arena.
  • Facilitates transferring emergent information technologies from academia to government test beds.
  • Provides researchers with insight into government agency information technology research needs.
  • Helps government agencies participating in research collaborations influence the direction of information technology research prior to commercialization.
  • Acts as an information source across agencies, and assists in leveraging resources through collaboration.
  • Creates an expanding community of participating researchers and government agencies by providing the infrastructure for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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