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How do I:
" Apply for funding?
" Submit a paper to the dg.o archive?
" Contact Digital Government staff?
" Subscribe to the dgOnline newsletter?

Where can I find:
" A quick overview of Digital Government?
" Project abstracts and profiles?
" Project demos?
" News about DG research?
" DG researchers?
" DG-funded institutions?
" Papers and publications?
" Workshop reports?

About Digital Government:
" What is Digital Dovernment?
" What is dg.o?
" When was dg.o founded?
" Who runs dg.o?
" Where is dg.o based?

Unanswered questions:

How do I apply for funding under a Digital Government grant?
Visit this page for complete instructions and contact information needed to apply for a Digital Government grant.

How do I contact Digital Government program officials?
This page lists all program managers, conference staff and press contacts for Digital Government.

How do I submit a paper to the dg.o Library?
directly to dg.o Communications Manager Mack Reed.

Where can I find abstracts and profiles of Digital Government projects?
Use these methods:

  • Keyword search, also found in the site navigation links under "research/projects", searches the titles of project abstracts in our database
  • Keyword search, from the dg.o SEARCH window searches the entire text of project abstracts.
  • Institution lookup allows you to browse projects by institution

Where can I find tech demos of Digital Government projects?

  • The demos page contains links to projects recently highlighted on dg.o

Many DG researchers maintain home pages with links to demo pages for their projects. You may find links to these home pages in the dg.o database.

Where can I find news about Digital Government research?
Several places:

Where can I subscribe to the monthly Digital Government newsletter?
Subscribe to dgOnline here

Where can I find and contact specific Digital Government researchers?
Use these methods:

  • Search by name or institution
  • Keyword search, from the dg.o SEARCH window searches the database by keyword

Where can I find Digital Government-funded institutions?

  • Complete list

Where can I find papers and publications by DG researchers?
Use these links:

    Keyword search, from the dg.oSEARCH window. Try searching by author or title.
  • The dg.o Library page lists all publications in our archive alphabetically by title
  • Proceedings of the National Conference on Digital Government Research:
    • dg.o2000
    • dg.o2001
    • dg.o2002

What is Digital Government?
Digital Government is a new and fast-growing discipline of information technology research. The National Science Foundation's Digital Government Research Program partners leading-edge computer scientists with forward-thinking government agencies to explore and develop new information technologies that will improve the way government serves the American people.

Digital Government grants fund a broad array of research, and can serve as the foundation for expanded studies under additional government funding.

What is dg.o?
dg.o is community of academic research institutions, government agencies and commercial partners engaged in digital government research. This web site is their home.

How do I find a quick overview of Digital Government?
A quick overview of the Digital Government program may be found here.

When was dg.o founded?
The Digital Government program was launched in 1999 with this NSF program announcement.

Who runs dg.o?
The Digital Government Research Program is managed by officials in the Experimental and Integrative Activities (EIA) division of the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE).

Contact list

This site and all internal and external communications for Digital Government are maintained by the Digital Government Research Center (DGRC), a collaboration between the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI) and Columbia University's Department of Computer Sciences.

Where is dg.o based?
The offices of the Digital Government Research Program are at the headquarters for the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate:
Digital Government
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22230, USA

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