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About Digital Government

The NSF Digital Government Research Program was established in 1999 in response to a number of national workshops recommending sponsored research in this area.

Its goal is to build a research domain of problems that intersect traditional NSF Computer/Information Science research communities with mid- to long-term research, development, and experimental deployment needs of the Federal information service communities.

The Program supports research projects that innovatively, effectively, and broadly address potential improvement of agency, interagency, and intergovernmental operations and/or government/citizen interaction.

Since its birth in 1999, the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program has grown and evolved.

Once but a handful of scientists and civil servants exploring the potential of a new alliance, DG has blossomed into a strong, broad community with its own needs, interests and strengths.

Our goal at the Digital Government Research Center is for this site's content, archive and toolset to enable easier, faster and more frequent connections among the research, government and private industry communities, and to empower you to do your best work.

Operating on the principles that have driven online communities as disparate as AOL and The Well to be among the most diverse, enriched and, ultimately, rewarding communities to join, this site will remain dynamic and flexible, responsive to your needs as scientists, researchers, civil servants and problem-solvers.

Our growing toolset includes:
  • Browsable database
    of Digital Government projects, researchers and institutions to foster faster personal connections and broader potential partnerships
  • Improved site search
    to allow participants to find quickly the exact document, research paper, Powerpoint presentation or tech demo they are looking for
  • Technology demos
    to show the DG community - and the public - the current state of the art and the potential for future innovation
  • User-updatable calendar
    so that DG researchers, government workers and program administrators can ensure the greatest audience for and participation in seminars, conferences and future online events
  • dgOnline newsletter
    providing regular program updates, profiles of successful collaborations and news of interest to the Digital Government community.
  • Message forums
    to encourage direct, seamless communication among the research, government and commercial communities

We hope to develop more tools in the future that will empower this community to grow and, through digital innovation, transform the way that government serves the public. To do that, we'll need your input, your intelligence, your insight.

Please let us know how we can help your community grow. .

Mack Reed
dg.o Communications Manager
Digital Government Research Center
USC / Information Sciences Institute

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