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dgOnline 4.6 - July, 2005

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program. dgOnline is published for the NSF by the Digital Government Research Center at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute.

If you find dgOnline useful, please forward it to your colleagues.

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Better Police Work Through Data Mining?
DG researchers at Columbia University are developing an email scanning system that could help police spot crime and conspiracy amid user profiles and usage patterns.

E-Government Run Amok! (Government Computer News)
DG researchers and participants in dg.o2005 in Atlanta shared ideas and information on using e-rulemaking technologies and best practices to hold back and manage the flood tide of public comments on proposed government rules.

Help Shape the Future of Digital Government Research
An ad hoc committee is studying the possibility of forming a Digital Government society to support the community and its events, including the annual conferences. You may find a discussion of the organization's mission and name here:

DG Curriculum Library - Call for Contributions
Many faculty and universities in the US and around the world have already created individual courses and even whole programs in DG Research. We encourage your contributions to a new online library of information about such efforts.

News Beyond dg.o:

Semantic Web Workshop Issues First Call for Papers

DEXA EGOV05 Issues Call for Participation

International Journal of Public Information Systems Issues Call

Livermore Supercomputer Named Most Powerful in the World

:: From Government Computer News ::
( )

Germany Moves Forward with e-Passports

Lawyers Raid DOT CIO's Budget to Fund Amtrak

DOD Releases Homeland Defense Blueprint

Industry Groups Urge Senate Ratification of Cybercrime Treaty

OMB: AGencies to Implement IP V.6 by June, 2008

FBI Readies Data Exchange Rollouts

DHS Tests RFID Technology for Foot, Vehicle Traffic at Entry Points

Trojan Horses Pose Silent Threat to Computer Systems

:: From the European Union's Information Society Technologies Results newsletter ::

High Tech Dips into Improving Marine Water Quality

Borrowing from Business to Improve e-Learning

Rising to the Task of Better Car Safety

On the Right Road to Dynamic Map Updates

Video to Keep Traffic Flowing

Emotional Intelligence for Computer-Based Characters?

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion from Europe's IT Sector


A New Agenda for e-Democracy (Stephen Coleman and Donald Norris)


Science and Engineering Information Integration and Informatics (SEIII)


Dear Colleagues: It has been a unique and fulfilling pleasure working with the Digital Government community these three and a half years, but as with federal grants, all good things must come to an end.

The DGRC communications office will continue its work, as will the Digital Government Research Program. However, my last day is Friday, July 15. After that date, I encourage you direct questions about DG research and funding to . I can be reached after that date at my permanent home address, .

While so many of you have made my job enjoyable and very fruitful I would like to extend special thanks to a few people for their support and encouragement - to Yigal Arens, Valerie Gregg and Eduard Hovy of USC Information Sciences Institute, and Larry Brandt of the National Science Foundation - thank you. I've learned a lot and greatly appreciated your camaraderie.

To everyone I've met in the DG community over the years - thanks for your patience, insight and devotion to this discipline. I look forward to tracking the continued growth and progress of the DG community as you continue your work.


::::..... Mack Reed, Communications Manager
::::..... Digital Government Research Center
::::..... USC Information Sciences Institute
::::..... 310.722-3392 ...

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Digital Government Research Center
USC Information Sciences Institute
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