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dgOnline 1.1 - August, 2002

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program.
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New Calendar on
A multi-disciplinary Calendar of Events is now available in the NEWS section. You can find (and submit) event listings on these DG-related topics:

  • BDEI
  • E-Government
  • GIS
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Multimedia technology
  • Privacy and Security


DG Teams Wire Field Investigators for Work
Researchers at Iowa State and UCSB work with Census, Labor, Agriculture and USGS IT experts to develop more accurate and efficient mobile geospatial data collection systems.

DG Researchers Visualize American Life
Studies by three universities and eight federal agencies are charting future uses for U.S. government geospatial data, from mapping cancer rates to teaching children.

CTG mines Web for top e-gov reports
Thanks to a new online archive run by University at Albany's Center for Technology in Government, you no longer have to wade through 400,000 Web pages to study up on e-government.

NSF releases 3-decade report on support for academic R&D

Nat Acads put Preparedness Forum proceedings online

2002 MIT/Accenture Digital Govt. awards announced

RAND releases 9/11 report on first-responders

Nat Acads: U.S. must harness technology to fight terrorism

National Academies launch privacy study

NISS announces new Web services for remote apps use

Bioterrorism resource: National Academies launch Web portal for first-responders

NISS announces new Web services for remote apps

e-Rulemaking Workshop at NDU - Presentations now available

Nat Acads launch bioterrorism portal

CISE releases DAS program announcement

Reminder to all BOF chairs and participants - We have launched forums in these DG research fields. Please join discussions in your fields, and explore others, too:

  • NEW FORUM: Evaluation:
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems):
  • BDEI (Biodiversity & Ecosystem Informatics):
  • Semantic Web for Government Agencies:
  • DG and Public Management:
  • Motion Imagery:
  • Tech Transfer:

The following titles from the National Academy Press catalog and backlist are now available online and may be of interest to the Digital Government community:

Countering Terrorism: Lessons Learned from Natural and Technological Disasters

Report of the Treasurer to the Council For the Year Ended December 31, 2001

Key Transportation Indicators: Summary of a Workshop

New Tools for Environmental Protection: Education, Information, and Voluntary Measures

(NAS Colloquium) Nanoscience: Underlying Concepts and Phenomena

Making the Nation Safer: The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism

Performance Assessments for Adult Education: Exploring the Measurement Issues: Report of a Workshop

Community and Quality of Life: Data Needs for Informed Decision Making

Preparing for Terrorism: Tools for Evaluating the Metropolitan Medical Response System Program

Modeling and Simulation in Manufacturing and Defense Acquisition: Pathways to Success

Effects of Trawling and Dredging on Seafloor Habitat

dgOnline is a product of the Digital Government Research Center and the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.

Use these tools on

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  • Events calendar:
  • Submit calendar events:

We welcome submissions of all Digital Government-related papers, material and information for inclusion in the dgOnline newsletter, and on

  • Publication announcements regarding DG-related books and papers
  • Calendar items regarding DG research-related events
  • Articles you have written on DG issues
  • Links to articles about your work
  • A COLUMNIST - We're offering a monthly or bi-weekly column in dgOnline to the DG researcher or government participant (or perhaps several such people on a rotating basis) who can best bring a sense of "voice" to the DG program. Ideally you would submit a brief (200-1,000 words) column on DG -related issues. This should be viewed - in the relatively new field of DG-related publication - as a prestigious venue.

Please submit your contributions here:

Questions and other submissions should be forwarded to:

::::..... mack reed
::::..... dg.o communications manager
::::..... USC Information Sciences Institute
::::..... Digital Government Research Center
::::..... 310.448.8494 ...

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