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dgOnline 3.7 - October, 2004

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program. dgOnline is published for the NSF by the Digital Government Research Center at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute.

If you find dgOnline useful, please forward it to your colleagues.

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Latest Program News:

DG ResearchTeam Is Developing a Digital Interpreter
A U.S./Israeli project is using machine learning to build complex ontologies for translating data across international borders in the European Union.

Hands Across the Water
U.S. and E.U. researchers are testing the boundaries of technology and information integration that separate us, and the common IT and policy needs that unite us.

White Paper Published on US/EU eGovernment Collaboration
A transnational team of researchers has published a white paper on the findings and future goals of the U.S. and E.U. communities, whose representatives met last spring in Seattle.

New Digital Government Journal Issues Call for Papers


NSF Announces Two Cybersecurity Centers to Study Internet Epidemiology and Ecology
(National Science Foundation)

E-Government Inches Ahead
Monaco? Togo? A new ranking says tiny countries may have the edge in devising websites to deliver information and services (Technology Review)

IEEE Intelligent Systems Issues Call for Papers

NSF Awards $130 Million to Tackle Information Technology Research for National Priorities
(NSF) 120 new projects will advance science and engineering, economic prosperity, national security

:: From Government Computer News ::
( )

Agriculture Launches Personal Web Pages

Anti-Spyware Bill Gets House Approval

Cybersecurity Expert Howard Schmidt Returning to DHS

Pittsburgh Supercomputer, Funded by NSF, to Be Open to Researchers

USDA Secretary Takes e-Gov Case to Congress

New Video Format Cuts Storage Needs in Half

Internet Threats Take on New Hue

Secure Linux OS Expected in Early 2005

States Need to Budget for Outcomes, Consultant Recommends

Government Printing Office's Permanent Press

:: From the European Union's Information Society Technologies Results newsletter ::
( )

A matter of trust: privacy and security issues in the Information Age

Creating chaos for data security

Access to all Europe's websites

Including the excluded thanks to easy e-learning

Multilingual 3D animation for language learning in primary schools

Getting computer vision systems to recognise reality


Mobile Government and The Back Office: Cases, Lessons Learned, and Breakthroughs

Emerging Models and Technologies for Computation (EMT)


International Collaboration on eGovernment Research

Public Health and the Internet - a Special Issue of the ] Centers for Disease Control's e-Journal "Preventing Chronic Disease"

The American Political Science Association site has a new collection of e-democracy papers available for download. Try a keyword search on "e-government" and "web" to narrow your search results.


Program Director for Computing Research Infrastructure Cluster Program, AD-1550-4, CISE/CNS (Closes: 10/29/2004)

Science Education Administrator(Prog Dir), AD-1701-4 EHR/ESIE> (Closes: 10/30/2004)

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Questions and submissions should be forwarded to:

::::..... mack reed
::::..... dg.o communications manager
::::..... USC Information Sciences Institute
::::..... Digital Government Research Center
::::..... 310.448.8494 ...

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