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dgOnline 1.4 - November, 2002

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program.
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Mark Your Calendars for dg.o2003
The 2003 National Conference on Digital Government Research will convene May 18-21 in Boston, MA at the Hyatt Harborside Hotel. Program details, the call for papers and information on accommodations will be posted on the dg.o2003 Web site in coming weeks:

Culture Clash - Finding New Models for Collaboration
Public-private e-gov partnerships may sound like the best of both worlds, but achieving good collaboration can be a struggle, according to newly-released DG-funded research headed by the Center for Technology in Government:

Streamlined Social Services - Mapping the Social Service Maze
DG Researchers at Virginia Tech and Purdue are using metadata and a scratch-built computer language to explore ways to save time, money and shoe leather by integrating legacy social service systems - without touching the databases:

CTG Report Presents Research Agenda for Research Enterprise
A new report released by the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) presents a plan for getting the most value from the $112 billion that the US government invests in research each year.

Directory of key government CIOs now online:
We have compiled a list of email addresses for chief information officers and IT leaders at most of the major federal departments and agencies.

Digital Government proposal DEADLINE IMMINENT:
November 7, 2002 is the deadline for submitting full research proposals to the Digital Government program. Details may be found here:


January 13, 2003:
Biological Databases and Informatics

November 1, 2002:
CISE Next Generation Software Program (NGS)

November 1, 2002:
Advanced Computational Research Program Announcement

November 4, 2002:
CISE Educational Innovation

November 18, 2002:
Information Technology Research - PRE-PROPOSALS FOR LARGE PROJECTS

December 4, 2002:
Embedded and Hybrid Systems (EHS)

December 4, 2002:
Trusted Computing (TC)

Information Technology Research

Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service

January 31, 2003:
Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)

December 31, 2002:
Alan T. Waterman Award


NSF Awards $37.9 Million in Grants to Study Biocomplexity

NSF Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarships


Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soils and Sediments: Processes, Tools, and Applications

Florida Bay Research Programs and Their Relation to the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

Regional Issues in Aquifer Storage and Recovery for Everglades Restoration: A Review of the ASR Regional Study Project Management Plan of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

Observations on the President's Fiscal Year 2003 Federal Science and Technology Budget

The Polygraph and Lie Detection

In War and Peace: My Life in Science and Technology

Continued Review of the Tax Systems Modernization of the Internal Revenue Service: Interim Report

Interim Report on the Status of the High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative

Information Technology and Manufacturing: A Preliminary Report on Research Needs

Guidance for the National Healthcare Disparities Report

Aeronautics Research and Technology for 2050: Assessing Visions and Goals -- Letter Report

Review of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Applications Program Plan

Scientific and Policy Considerations in Developing Smallpox Vaccination Options: A Workshop Report

Reducing Suicide: A National Imperative

Responsible Research: A Systems Approach to Protecting Research Participants

Integrity in Scientific Research: Creating an Environment That Promotes Responsible Conduct

An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Measurement and Standards Laboratories: Fiscal Year 2002

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::::..... dg.o communications manager
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