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dgOnline 3.8 - November, 2004

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the National Science Foundation's Digital Government program. dgOnline is published for the NSF by the Digital Government Research Center at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute.

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Latest Program News:

dg.o2005 to Be Held in Atlanta, GA on May 16-18
The Call for Papers and the complete details of the 6th annual National Conference on Digital Government Research may be found here:

DG Team Is Mapping IT Strategies for Times of Emergency
Multi-agency research partnerships at Penn State are studying voice recognition and advanced GIS tools to speed map use and aid crisis management.

DG Researcher Explores Methods of Detecting Crisis Points
Scientists are experimenting with GIS-based methods of "hotspot" detection and prioritization, which could make for faster, more accurate responses to crises.

Report: Mass e-Mail Campaigns May Do More Harm than Good
A new report by University of Pittsburgh Prof. Stuart Shulman has found that mass e-mail campaigns directed at legislators may be "petitioning themselves into obscurity."

Report: Utilizing Scenario-based Design for Statistical Information Services
University of Syracuse IT scientist Carol Hert offers insight into and downloads of scenarios that her team developed for use in designing the National Statistical Knowledge Network.

Report: More Spending Needed for Defense and Security Supercomputing
U.S. needs for supercomputing to strengthen defenses and national security cannot be satisfied with current policies and levels of spending, says National Academies board

dg.o Conference Video Archive Now Online
Video interviews from the past five National Conferences on Digital Government Research are catalogued for viewing. More than 250 interviews, categorized by year and topic, can be found here:


Human and Social Dynamics

Cyber Trust


NRC Project on e-Voting Issues a Call for Input

First Conference on e-Gov Interoperability Issues Call for Papers

EU Mobile Government Session Issues Call for Papers

Networking Technology and Systems Issues Program Announcement

International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society Issues Call

:: From Government Computer News ::
( )

NASA Supercomputer Outpaces the Pack

Think Tank Slams Bush's e-Gov Efforts

Intel Community Looks to EA to Build Up Information Sharing

Smart Passport Field Narrows to Four

:: From the European Union's Information Society Technologies Results newsletter ::

Adding Reliability and Trust to Smartcards

Web Accessibility Best Practice for the Classroom

Getting the True Measure of Social Change

Secure Online Transactions Worth Talking About

Collaboration, Mediation and Integration for Distributed Development


Computer Scientist (Program Director.) NSF/CISE

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::::..... dg.o communications manager
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