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NSF, intelligence community fund anti-terrorism research
New program announcement from the Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences offers July deadline
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The National Science Foundation's Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences has teamed with the intelligence community to back cutting-edge research efforts on methods of combatting terrorism.

The program announcement, geared towards researchers in disciplines supported by the MPS Divisions of Astronomical Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences and Physics, offers potentially $3.5 million in funding in FY 2003 distributed among 35 to 50 awards, including SGERs and workshops.

The Approaches to Combat Terrorism (ACT) program does not require cost-sharing, but other limitations apply: SGER proposals are limited to $100,000, and workshops may include $50,000 per workshop.

Supplement, SGER and workshop proposals are due due by 5 p.m proposer's local time on July 17, 2003, and a grantees conference is scheduled for spring, 2004 in Washington, DC.