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NATO-Russia JTSC Funds Catastrophe Research

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New funds are available from the NATO-Russia JTSC (Joint Science and Technology Cooperation) Program for research into the forecast and prevention of catastrophes and two other topics, offering the opportunity for scientists to establish connections with NATO and Russian colleagues.

The goal of the program is to decrease vulnerability and impacts of catastrophic events on natural, social, economical, and technical systems, and improve forecasting and enhance management of risks for these complex systems, according to the NATO-Russia Scope Statement.

Statements are also available outlining the other two funded topics, plasma physics and plant biotechnology.

To apply for support in any of the areas outlined in the NATO-Russia Scope Statements, an application form should be prepared jointly by scientists from Russia and one or more NATO countries. A special application form is available for each support activity, and the deadlines for receipt of applications are 15 March and 15 September.

The activities offered include:
  • NATO-Russia Advanced Research Workshop (RARW)
  • NATO-Russia Collaborative Linkage Grant (RCLG)
  • NATO-Russia Expert Visits (R-EV)

Applications are on the NATO Web site at