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University of Koblenz-Landau Summer Academy 2006

The Summer Academy aims at giving lectures on current research topics in English. Members of the University of Koblenz-Landau will offer their courses, and an accompanying program in regional culture is scheduled.

The faculty's attractivity for foreign students and young researchers will be increased since they will get an impression of teaching and research in Germany and particularly at our university.

This is also an offer to students of our numerous partner universities to participate in student exchange.

For our own students the objective is intercultural experience: learning to study in a foreign-language environment. The Summer Academy is also designed as an incentive to take courses at a university abroad.

The research groups of the department do not only cover a wide area of computer science. The research competence of some groups includes also business & administration and information management. For students, this wide spectrum of research topics allows for a number of attractive options. Beside computer science, they may specialize in computational visualistics, information systems or information management. At the same time, the department is capable of analysing the development and economic deployment of information technology from various, synergetic perspectives. All research groups of the department combine the effort towards a theoretical foundation of their work with a pronounced orientation towards practical problems.

For the professors and lecturers of the department, teaching and attending students is of pivotal importance. Their doors are always open for students. Usually, teaching is done in a highly interactive mode. An increasing number of lectures are taught in English. In addition to that, many students participate in research projects, which gives them direct access to relevant research topics and results.

Information about the research groups is accessible via the List of Institutes.

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