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U of MD College Park
3112 Lee Building, College Park, MD, 20742-5141

Researchers: Projects:

Benjamin Beder
Frederick Conrad
Leana Golubchik
Paul Herrnson
Bruce Jacob
Samir Khuller
Richard Niemi
Catherine Plaisant
Hanan Samet
Ben Shneiderman
Michael Traugott


An Assessment of Voting Technology and Ballot Design
Digital Government: Scalable Data Collection Infrastructure for Digital Government Applications
Digital Government: NSF-CNPq Collaborative Research - Issues in the Development of Spatial Spreadsheets and Browsers
Digital Govt. Collaborative Research: Integration of Data and Interfaces to Enhance Human Understanding of Government Statistics: Toward the National Statistical Knowledge Network
Experimental Partnership - Hardware-Software Co-Design of Real-Time Operating Systems and Embedded Microprocessors
Human Factors Research on Voting Machines and Ballot Designs: An Exploratory Assessment