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Institution Profile
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Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213-3815

Researchers: Projects:

Jamie Callan
Robert Cavalier
Howard Choset
Peter Muhlberger
Peter Shane
Arunachalam Vallampadugai


Collaborative Research: Language Processing Technology for Electronic Rulemaking
Digital Government: A Language-Modeling Approach To Metadata for Cross-Database Linkage and Search
ITR: Developing and Testing A High Telepresence Virtual Agora For Broad Citizen Participation: A Multi-Trait, Multi-Meth
SGER COLLABORATIVE: A Testbed for eRulemaking Data
Special Projects: Workshop on Research Agenda for Enabling Tools, Technologies and Policies for Sustainable Development
Tying Together Low-Level and High-level Planners with Cellular Decompositions