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U of Southern California
University Park, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-1147

Researchers: Projects:

Jose Ambite
Yigal Arens
S Ball-Rokeach
Robert Balzer
Genevieve Giuliano
Peter Gordon
Eduard Hovy
Yuling Hsueh
Craig Knoblock
Allison Mankin
Juliet Musso
Ronald Ohlander
Colin Perkins
Mack Reed
Paul Rosenbloom
Herbert Schorr
Salvatore Stolfo
Christopher Weare
Christopher Weare
Hariram Yogendran


ARGOS: Dynamic Composition of Web Services for Goods Movement Analysis and Planning
Automating the Integration of EPA Databases
Better Freight Flow Data for Analysis and Planning
Collaborative Research: Language Processing Technology for Electronic Rulemaking
Digital Government Community Building and Outreach (dg.o2)
Digital Government Community Building and Outreach 2004
Digital Government: dg.o Workshop and Publicity
Digital Government: FedStats Secure Collaborative Environment (FSCE)
Digital Government: Responding to the Unexpected
Digital Government: The CARDGIS Energy Data Collection
Digital Government: CARDGIS Survey Authoring and Administration Testbed
ITR: Information Discovery in Digital Government: Self-extending Topic Maps and Ontologies (GrowOnto)
ITR: Digital Government: Communications Technology and Urban Governance Reform
ITR: Framework for Integrating Geospatial and Online Data to Respond to Unexpected Events
Securing the Future of the Digital Government Research Community
SGER COLLABORATIVE: A Testbed for eRulemaking Data
Workshop on Research & Development (R&D) Opportunities in Federal Information Services