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Oregon State University

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ITR/IM: Digital Government: Infrastructure for Data Sharing, Spatial Analysis, Resource Decision-Making, and Societal Impact: The Oregon Coastal Atlas

Geographic Information Systems
Digital Libraries & Archives
Data Sharing & Integration

Government Domain:
Public Management/Administration
Natural Resource Management

Current needs:
We have been developing a portal for traditional and digital information which can be used to improve or streamline decision-making relating to the Oregon Coastal Zone (the project is a collaboration between the state of Oregon Ocean-Coastal Management Program, Oregon State University, and Ecotrust). The portal is geared toward coastal resource managers, with background information provided for different coastal systems, access to interactive mapping, online geospatial analysis tools, and direct download access to an array of natural resource data sets relating to coastal zone management. We have a great need for additional data sets and coastal management GIS tools for incorporation in to the atlas, and welcome all submissions or inquiries from state or federal agencies interested in partnering with us or linking to our site. We also want to expand the scope of our project to include development of a Coastal XML specification (CML) to improve the exportability of our data archive structures and tools. CML would not be used exclusively for metadata, but also to construct the interactive maps that users compose and access for data browsing and analysis. An additional goal would be to enable export to SVG. Any ideas or collaborators are most welcome.

Project web site is

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