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U of Massachusetts Amherst

Researcher's URL:

SGER: Digital Government: Preliminary Evaluation of Process Formalisms for Defining Government Processes
Process Technology for Achieving Government Online Dispute Resolution

Modeling & Simulation

Government Domain:
Public Management/Administration
E-government/Service Delivery

Current needs:
Our project is evaluating formalisms for the definition of government processes to determine which formalism features and semantics are most effective in supporting clarity, expressiveness, and analysis. We are most interested in working with government agency partners who can provide us with examples of processes so that we can evaluate our formalisms through their use in defining the example processes. One of our key objectives is to demonstrate that appropriate formalisms can be effective in supporting reasoning, and the demonstration that processes have desirable properties. Thus, another key need is for the specification of precise properties that are deemed to be desirable or essential in example government processes.


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