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ITR: Modeling the Social and Technical Processes of Interorganizational Information Integration      (Back to Search Results)

Grant Number: 205152

  • Description: Continuing grant
  • Associated Project:
  • Award Date:
  • Award Period: 2002-09-15 to 2006-08-31
  • Amount: $ 2093211.00

Primary Investigator:
Sharon Dawes

Sharon Dawes
Theresa Pardo
Fiona Thompson
Anthony Cresswell

Security & Privacy
Knowledge Systems
Data Sharing & Integration

Government Domain:
Records & Archives
Public Management/Administration
Preparedness & National Security
Political Process
Law & Regulation
Inter-/ Intra-Governmental Relations
Institutional & Organizational Analysis
E-government/Service Delivery
Data Privacy

Primary Institution:
SUNY Albany

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Modeling the Social and Technical Processes of Interorganizational Information Integration This grant will develop and test dynamic models of information integration in multi-organizational government settings. Three questions will be addressed: 1) What are the critical factors and processes involved in integrating information across levels and agencies in government? 2) How do the factors and processes vary for different types and degrees of integration? and 3) Can the process of integration be modeled in ways that improve understanding of information system development and of inter-organizational collaboration? Two policy areas in particular will be featured; law enforcement and environmental protection. Both areas include a full range of functions across Federal-State-Local levels of government and both areas have efforts underway to bridge those levels. The project will combine perspectives from organizational behavior, computer and information science, and political science, and will use system dynamics modeling and social processes modeling.