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Digital Government: Representation and Distribution of Geospatial Knowledge      (Back to Search Results)

Grant Number: 9983267

  • Description: Continuing grant
  • Associated Project:
  • Award Date:
  • Award Period: 2000-08-01 to 2004-12-31
  • Amount: $ 484880.00

Primary Investigator:
Raphael Malyankar


Nicholas Findler
Raphael Malyankar

Data Sharing & Integration
Digital Libraries & Archives
Geographic Information Systems
Information Architecture & Management
Knowledge Systems
Semantic Web

Government Domain:
E-government/Service Delivery
Preparedness & National Security

Primary Institution:
Arizona State University

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This project will work within the domain of maritime navigation, in partnership primarily with the Coast Guard, but with contacts to NOAA, NIMA, and the Navy. The ontology developed will include such representations as shorelines, hazards, aids to navigation, tide tables, sea lanes, etc. and a related markup language. This will be of benefit as these agencies begin to deploy web-based Q&A systems and automated mission planning, intelligent navigation aids, and route planning tools. The research challenges in this work revolve around representing a domain that is highly dynamic, time-critical and rich in factors and entities.