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Digital Government: Responding to the Unexpected      (Back to Search Results)

Grant Number: 215588

  • Description: Standard Grant
  • Associated Project:
  • Award Date: 2002-04-03
  • Award Period: 2002-03-15 to 2003-02-28
  • Amount: $ 232633.00

Primary Investigator:
Paul Rosenbloom

Paul Rosenbloom
Yigal Arens

Modeling & Simulation

Government Domain:
Preparedness & National Security

Primary Institution:
U of Southern California

Project Home Page:

Latest Project Highlight:

EIA-0215588 Paul Rosenbloom University of Southern California Digital Government: Responding to the Unexpected This workshop will explore the technical and social research issues associated with unexpected events. These are occurerences, man-made or natural, for which prior planning has not been done, and formal response processes have not been agreed upon or established. In such cases, virtual temporary organizations must be created quickly, to share and coordinate data, people, and resources. Attendees will include engineers, emergenccy response experts, computer and information scientists, and social/organizational science researchers.